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Welcome to the Little Fairy House in the Dairy!

We grew up in an small agricultural farm in the hot Alentejo, region of Portugal.
Our childhood memories of honeybees and their little cork homes and the moorish delicious scents of freshly made jams, preserves and syrups around the kitchen during the summer and to the end of Autumn, inspired us to try and recreate those gone by, happy days at the farm.
So in 2009, using grandma's methods and recipes and with the fresh organic ingredients we grow, nurture and harvest, we started to produce a very small amount of high quality seasonal goodies.

  • We do not use paste or pulp.
  • We use no colours, no additives, no gelling agents or gelatine, no flavour enhancers.
  • We use no processed sugars or sweeteners.
  • Our products contain no gluten and no sulphites.
  • Our delicious foodies are suitable for vegetarians and vegans and we make jams for diabetics.
  • We only use fresh seasonal produce, and, for that reason our production is very limited...

Our delicious goodies are as our grandma used to say:

“from our orchard... to your table..."